Dancing with the shadow

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Date: 14 September 2024
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Location: London

Saturday, 14th September, Colet House, London

We are living in turbulent times in the world which affect us all deeply.

  • Are you experiencing increases in anxiety, deep feelings of grief, fluctuations of energy, loss of hope and meaning?
  • Conflict in relationships, lack of joy, fear for the future? Physical unease and symptoms?
  • Do you find yourself overreacting in a way that catches you by surprise and which you later regret? Or are you feeling so overwhelmed that you often withdraw and feel isolated?
  • Are you longing for more meaning and connection in your life?

You are not alone.

The tragic and painful events in the world can be perceived as an encounter with the ‘shadow’ aspects of humanity exploding into consciousness in an unavoidable way, giving us an unprecedented opportunity for transformation. We are now living in a time of extreme manifestation of the splitting of light and dark. We can become attached to our stories about our identity, or that of others, in a way that keeps us immobilised, fearful and angry.

It then becomes all too easy to get sucked into further polarising. Much of the media highlights our differences and not that which connects us. There is always a convenient ‘Other’ on whom we can project our dissatisfaction, fears and anger.

It is becoming increasingly clear to many of us that attempts to simply control or to avoid that which we find threatening or to project it onto others are not sustainable and do not help us to create peace.

We believe we are at a juncture where we can choose to face  what is often called the ‘shadow’, both in ourselves and in the ‘outside’ world.

Transformation relies on our ability to face the aspects of ourselves which have been relegated to the margins. To embrace these parts. So that we no longer need to project them onto others. And then to harness their power in service of change.


What to expect

We invite you to join us in this journey of exploring with curiosity,  compassion and humour, aspects of ourselves that we find difficult or which may seem shameful and which we tend to avoid. Meeting the shadow in ourselves. Splitting off  parts of ourselves can seem like seductive solutions for the tensions and fears we feel, but this response  is not sustainable. You will be invited to examine the origin of these responses to stress, which may at one time have been useful, but have long outlived their sell-by date and are hampering our ability to evolve.

Insights  into our patterns can then contribute to increasing freedom of choice in where to direct our attention instead of being hijacked by our fears and knee jerk reactions.

We can go from simply surviving to a more creative mode of being and we can strengthen our ability to tolerate uncertainty and  to hold space for apparent opposites.

The intention in this workshop is to stimulate that process.

Through sharing and witnessing each other’s personal experiences we can recognise our common humanity.

By listening to the voice of our heart with compassionate presence to our joint personal and collective pain, the light can be revealed.

By doing this we aim to lower the stress levels in our bodies and support the strengthening of the connection between us and evolution beyond polarities that drive us apart and isolate us. And to make space for more joy.


We will work both in the larger group and also in smaller groups of twos or threes.

How will we do this?

Both Arielle and Zelda have wide-ranging training and experience with different approaches and methods. The programme in the workshop will draw upon these, creating a blend which aims to adapt to the process arising in the group and to individual needs. Among techniques and approaches  which may be used are:

Dream work. Our dreams provide access to that which has not yet reached consciousness. Working with our dreams enables us to track our shadow which will often turn up as that which is most enigmatic, or even scary, in our dreams, so that we can integrate it into our lives and embrace ourselves more fully.

Body work  Our body is the perfect guide to that which the mind cannot contain. The information in our body is of vital importance in our wholeness and being fully human. With gentle exercises we will invite increased somatic awareness and creative expression.

Yoga and Mindfulness-Based breath work, Meditation and Guided imagery.

Workshop facilitators

Arielle and Zelda


Arielle Warner PhD, MSc was born in France. She graduated with a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and an MA in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) Palo Alto, CA in 2006. She studied the impact of a yoga-based stress reduction intervention called the Art of Living on the quality of life and spiritual well-being of women with breast cancer.

She graduated from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel with a BSc in Biology and MSc in Medical Science- Psycho-Neuro-immuno-endocrinology where she studied the impact of stress on the immune system.

For the past 15 years she works as psychotherapist in private practice, group facilitator and lecturer specialising in trauma informed mind-body-spirit approaches in mental and physical health, grief and loss. Arielle is Adjunct Faculty member at Haifa University in the MA program in Integrative psychotherapy. She has published her research and clinical work in professional peer reviewed books and Journals and has presented her work in North America, Europe, Israel and India.

Arielle has trained in Humanistic- Existential group work, EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry (by Gabor Mate), System- Family Constellation, Psycho-spiritual- Integrative Therapy based on the integration of psychosynthesis and Integral yoga (Sri Aurobindo). She is a trained facilitator of the Breath and Meditation Workshop of Art of Living.


Read more about Zelda Hall

Practical information

Date :  Saturday14th  September

Time : 10 am till 6 pm

Place :  Colet House, 151 Talgarth Rd. London W14,9DA

Cost : Early bird: (payment received before) 15th July £90. After 15th July £110.


Enquiries and reservations email: goldinshadows@gmail.com

or call our wonderful organiser Marylouise on  44(0)7740369806

A payment request will be set on completion of the booking form.

Your place is reserved upon completion of payment.

As we want to ensure that there is enough time, space and attention for each participant, the number of places is limited to 18.

Coffee and tea included

Lunch: we will provide soup and you are invited to bring something to share.

Please bring: Notebook and pen.

Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move easily.