Zelda as a therapist

Zelda was recommended to me by a friend, despite me saying that I didn’t think I needed therapy. She said that everyone could benefit from Zelda’s ability to “see down the road and around the corner”. I had 8 sessions over the summer which were hugely beneficial. They helped me to better understand things which I had wanted to air for a while, as well as things which I had never considered to be that important. I was able to join the dots between different aspects of my life which I don’t think I could have done by myself. Although this process is by no means complete, it has given me a good start in better knowing myself.”
Ian Pym


Zelda’s Workshops

For me it was inspiring to do this workshop. I am a therapist myself (music therapy, counseling,  physical  approach) and it was surprising to me that working with dreams is so much more than interpreting dreams only. Zelda shows in her approach that the meaning of dreams is directly connected to body signals and symptoms, but also to our relationships and our personality . Those are all the same, eventually. Working with dreams encourages us to enlarge ourselves.

Zelda works directly with the body in a respectful, not scary way. I felt very comfortable and I took steps I never dared to take before in a workshop-setting.

Zelda has much humor which I think is lovely in working with her. She is both professional and playful. And warmhearted.
Antien Frets, NVPA-member



Thank you for so much for Saturday’s Dream Workshop. It set much more in motion for me than I was expecting – it’s powerful stuff. From past experience I know to expect a professional workshop from you. This was no exception. I was particularly struck by your precision in identifying the crux of the matter time after time. You spot that moment and examine it. You give it that extra attention. Then bingo! The penny drops, the body language and emotions change, and the participant ‘gets it’.

For me it was a 10 second action in a role play – you stopped me and asked what was happening. You asked me to repeat that small action, and you asked me to say what I was doing. You fed my words back to me and asked what it meant to me. That did it, revealing the deeper meaning of the dream. I identified a part of myself that I have kept hidden for years. This workshop enabled me to recognize and accept this part of myself and release my fear.



How can I ever participate in a dream workshop if I do not remember any? Really, do not worry too much about that.

Whether it is a dream, or a memory or a thought that comes to mind, you will be amazed by the insight you can gain once you start working with this dream or memory. And although group sessions are usually not my cup of tea, it is because the interaction with the other participants that you gain these insights. It is a very special experience to be with a group of complete strangers and yet feel such warmth and openness.

With her welcoming and trustworthy personality, Zelda knows how to optimize this process so you go home with a new understanding.
Harriet v.d. W



Last week I attended an interesting workshop. I was attracted right away by its catchy title – The Dancing Goddess. Actually, the title does not do it justice and what I got out of the workshop was much, much more. We experienced a very meaningful and deep psychological assessment of issues that hold us back from becoming the Goddess that we want to be. To my astonishment, we all cling to grudges and carry unresolved issues on our shoulders, mostly from our childhood/adolescent years, without even realizing it. By facing them, we can free the inner Goddess and Zelda very delicately helped us do just that.

I would certainly like to recommend this moving (in every sense of the word) workshop to anyone who is not afraid to learn more about themselves, perhaps from an angle not seen everyday.
Adriana Volenikova