Therapy – The word therapy has its origins in the Greek therapeia which means serving the gods or carrying out their work. The therapist or servant believed that healing can only occur through the soul. When healing occurs on a soul level, then the deepest psychic divisions, the origin of all illness, are made whole and the psychosomatic unity restored.

Ideally, a therapist provides guidance which helps us heal the wounds from the past and confirms our own ability to meet the challenges with which life presents us.
People have always had those they turned to when they sought guidance. Whether it is the tribal elders, a priest, a well-loved grandparent or the Delphic oracle. Many of these traditional sources of wisdom are, at least in the Western world, no longer available to us or are no longer reliable. To some extent, they have been replaced by therapists and counsellors and fortunately the stigma previously attached to therapy has largely disappeared.

Becoming conscious requires stamina

Seeing a therapist is still regarded by some as a sign of weakness. However, those who mock, clearly underestimate the courage required to take the step on the path of self discovery. And the stamina needed to continue on the heights and depths of the journey. If psychology means the study of the soul, then therapy is part of the journey of the soul.