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Start date: 1 April 2023
End date: 2 April 2023
Time: 10:30 - 17:00
Location: Amstelveen

Zelda will give a weekend workshop together with Faye Blake in the series:

Dangerous Women

What makes a woman dangerous? Women who do not conform to a particular society’s expectations and ideas of femininity, while we might also admire them, are often seen as dangerous and threatening. Not only by men but by other women.

Because of this, women often suppress parts of themselves which they deem less acceptable. These parts, when unacknowledged, can wreak havoc in relationships and our work life as they sneak out anyway. Or they affect our physical health, expressing themselves as illness. We can sometimes find them lurking in the images of our dreams. We come across them in our responses to other women in our daily lives, in the media and in positions of power.

In this workshop we will discover what it means to be a ‘dangerous woman’ and  who we consider to be a danger to ourselves or others. We will learn what our inner dangerous woman looks like and what her gifts might be.

Faye will focus on the archetype of power and powerlessness. Why are powerful women so demonised? And what can we do about it? Planetary changes in the next two years highlight the opportunity to discover how we can be more powerful, both on an individual level and globally.

When we are afraid of our own power and therefore cannot use it consciously, we can undermine ourselves and others. We can direct our anger and frustration at those closest to us.  Zelda will explore how we can become aware of and transform these patterns.

We will use insights from astrology, history and culture, myth and story. You will get feedback and information based on your own personal astrological chart. Dreams and body work will also be used to explore your inner ‘dangerous woman’. We will explore how by doing our inner work  we can contribute to collective change.  

The world needs consciously dangerous women!

Where: Amstelveen – parking and tram stop nearby.
When: Saturday 1 April 10:30 – Sunday 2 April 17:00
Cost: € 220

For info and registration: Faye or Zelda

This workshop is limited to 12 people so don’t wait too long to book!

We would love to see you there.