Tuscany – Freedom and responsibility

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Start date: 25 September 2023
End date: 2 October 2023
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Tuscany, Italy

The Transmission School is offering a wonderful 14 week semester in Tuscany from September 11 to December 17 2023.

Zelda is delighted to be part of the school giving one week of this program together with Faye Blake.

The whole program is called Freedom and Responsibility – it starts with you!

Our week is called Astrology and Unfolding the path of the soul

25 September – 02 October 2023

You can just come for this one week (or any of the others) if you haven’t time for the whole program!

Zelda’s Part – Unfolding the Path of Soul  (who are you really?)

We come into life with a blueprint for our time on earth. First we must ‘grow down’ into our physical being and life circumstances. Then we ‘grow up,’ letting go of that which no longer serves us.  And following our soul path. This path reveals itself in many different ways. Sometimes even at an early age. It appears through dreams, through physical symptoms and through meetings with others human or other than human.

By paying careful attention to all these cues we can discover and consciously unfold our own unique path in an act of co-creation. This is the journey of exploration on which we will embark together with curiosity, compassion and playfulness.

Tools: Dreamwork, bodywork, guided fantasy, drawing, movement, and a mini vision-quest.

How is this serving freedom and responsibility?

While we come to earth with a blueprint, as an acorn can only become an oak, it is up to us to follow the unfolding of our soul path as consciously as we can.

We have responsibility to ourselves to bring that which we carry with us into the world. Being more aware of what our soul path is, gives us the freedom and the courage to make choices which are truly soulful, rather than be steered solely by outside forces or the need for approval.

See Faye’s part

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