From reactivity to responsiveness

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It would be so refreshing to hear someone ask their political ‘opponent’ what makes them think as they do and then really listen.
I have just been listening to the US House of Representatives Covid panel questioning Anthony Fauci.
It is utterly depressing.
It is clear, at least to me, that some of those speaking know that they are misrepresenting the situation. And they know that all the others know it too.
There must be many people who start out in politics with real ideals and inspiration. But as they go on, especially in party politicking, they inexorably lose whatever integrity they started out with.
I was speaking last week with someone about this same phenomenon of loss of integrity but in a very different context.
He himself was suddenly awoken to how he was being seduced into the prospect of making a lot of money but in a way which was not aligned with his deepest values.
The deal fell through and he realised that he felt relieved.
It was a narrow escape.
We talked about how easily this can happen. Incrementally. And before we know it, we are miles from our original goals and aspirations and caught up in greed and deception.

It is an addiction

Popularity and money are addictive. There are few of us who do not fall prey to their lure.
And we can also become addicted to being ‘right’. Which then means that we have a vested interest in the others being ‘wrong’.
Which in turn makes us well- nigh incapable of really hearing someone else with a different viewpoint.
We parade our opinions as certainties and ‘truths’. And while there may be an aspect of truth in all our stories, none of us has a patent on the truth.
So we must learn to be, if not comfortable with uncertainty, able to tolerate it. So that we can remain curious and open to learning.
I do not see any other way forward out of our situation.
We need to work together to co-create a world in which we are no longer under the spell of the narrative of winner/ loser.
And we can support each other in cultivating a sense of aliveness and possibility.
We can be so amazingly resourceful and creative when given the encouragement we all need.
I notice that I need to be aware of getting the nourishment of deep conversations and exchanges with friends, also friends who challenge my thinking. So that I can become knowledgeable about where my opinions have fossilised. And where I am too attached to my ‘certainties’.

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