Self image and the inner critic

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There is so much pressure on us all these days to look a certain way, have a certain lifestyle and be constantly working on our ‘self improvement’. Sometimes I am concerned that the ‘self help industry’ is becoming similar to the cosmetic surgery/filler/botox world. There’s always another tweak to be done in the pursuit of ‘the best version of yourself’. There is a great deal of money to be made from our dissatisfaction with ourselves. The tweaked version of ourselves requires endless maintenance. This in turn leads to more objectification of ourselves. More seeking of approval. Our inner critic is often all too eager to join in with the clamour. But your inner critic does not disappear by trying to either live up to its demands or to suppress it. Try to find out more about your inner critic. What does she/he/it look like. What does it sound like? Its voice may be a little like your Dad’s or that primary school teacher who told you you couldn’t sing. When you are more familiar with that inner critic you can spot it more easily. You can ask it to take a pew, listen to it for ten minutes, and then thank it and say goodbye. Then it cannot sabotage you quite so unexpectedly. And you can grow your love for yourself just a little more and participate in the world from a more easeful, open and loving heart.💚

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