The beauty within and without

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When I leave the house, walking, I try to make each trip like an exploration, to notice that which I may never have really seen before.
Even though something in my mind is telling me I’ve seen it all before.😉
So every time I close my front door behind me, I don’t know what I will discover. Having a phone with a camera is helpful. Because my eyes are attracted to shapes and forms which are ever changing. Like the clouds or light. Leaves. Flowers. And I can record that moment by framing it visually.
Actually I do the same in relation to people and animals I see, and some I speak with, on the way. But this is easier if it is not too ‘peopley’.The cashier in the shop can be fascinating. As is the homeless man, sometimes conversing with himself. I pay attention to expressions, lines, ways of moving, scraps of conversation.

I do not photograph people as I consider it disrespectful unless I have their express permission. Often the words of Caroline Myss echo. ‘This day will never come again.’ So I try to live each day aware of constant change. I do not always succeed. And then am sucked into the past. Or into some version of ‘the future’ which I imagine for myself.

However, I am happiest in the wonder of the Now. There is so much beauty in us and around us.
I should add that I make a practice of smiling at as many people as possible. Some are a little surprised at first. But my experience is that almost everyone loves a smile.

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