The only constant is change

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I go to the park for the trees, the birds and the occasional dog with whom I exchange greetings.
I love the play of light and cloud in the sky, on the bark of the trees, on the water.
Though it is the same park every day, nothing is ever the same. As do we all, as part of nature, it transmutes, evolves, dies and lives again.
In a workshop in London on Science and Spiritual Practice a few years ago, Rupert Sheldrake told us how he goes to the same spot in Hampstead every day. The same tree. He observes how the tiny changes occur, the transience.
I think this constant change can be alarming to those of us who long for permanence. And so we can cling to the familiar, resisting change in ourselves or in the other.
We can gaze with horror at the increasing wrinkles in our skin and rush to banish them as best we can.
But do we not thus eliminate the true beauty of our unique and ever evolving nature?
The light and the shadow of life.

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