The wisdom of the body

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So here it is.
My first video about my work

This is a story about the wisdom of our body. And an invitation to honour that which lives within us.
It brings together various elements in my approach to working with that which is present.
As I say at the end, there is often a part of us which is wary of expressing ourselves. And will get in the way of strong emotion.”Good girls don’t get angry.” ” Big boys don’t cry.”
In a way it is trying to protect us.
See if you can spot where that part shows up in this story.
Bringing awareness and curiosity to an experience gives us a choice.
That is what my aim is. To bring awareness and acknowledgement to those parts of us which have been hidden away for so long. And then ultimately manifest themselves as symptoms and disease.
Acknowledgement supports unfolding into our full humanity.

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