What on earth are you doing?

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I spend a lot of my time reading books related to spiritual or personal development and physical/ emotional health. But I just finished what could be called ‘light fiction’. When I got started in it I really felt I needed a break from the ‘heavy’ stuff. However, I quickly found myself becoming impatient. A lot of what I was reading seemed meaningless. That changed again as I went further.

One of the main characters is a woman who is highly respected and admired for her creative abilities. She represents women who appear to have it all: career, long legs, striking looks, husband who is successful in his own right, two children and a house from the pages of an interior design magazine. The perfect Instagrammable life.

But her relationships are a mess. The kids constantly have their phone in their hands and clamour for the next new thing. She feels guilty because she doesn’t spend enough time with them so she overindulges them when she does. They get money but not loving attention. She is permanently stressed and treats her staff carelessly which leads to some of them hatching an evil plot to undermine her.

It is so easy to succumb to the pressure to be everything. We are so often, women and men, given the message that we should be able to do it all, have it all, and look good while having it. And feel loved as well.

But often we don’t feel loved. Least of all by ourselves.

A great teacher of mine once said that the main reason that people seek therapy is because they struggle with relationships. This is echoed in the words of Irvin Yalom, a therapist whose work I really admire, in an interview he gave to a Dutch therapist Bram Bakker. His criterion for a successful therapy was that the client was able to form relationships.

Of course the relationship with ourselves is at the heart of it all. And so many of us struggle with feelings of self-worth or rather, lack of it. We are terrified that we will be found out in just how worthless we really are.

We struggle with knowing what we are doing here on earth in the first place. Does life have meaning? There is an abundance of messages in social media telling us that we need to celebrate our uniqueness. But we don’t know what that is. We are told that we must love ourselves fully because only then will we find the fulfilling relationship we are seeking. So when the relationship doesn’t manifest,  we experience it as a personal failing and a reflection of the fact that we STILL do not love ourselves enough.

But it’s never enough, is it? Especially if we try to discover our ‘uniqueness’ by comparing ourselves with others.

The information we need is within us.Through closing off the clamour of all the voices that try to convince us that we must try more, be more,  succeed more, we can hear the small voice within.

I believe we all came to this earth with  a blueprint-a Self with a reason for being. This Self is continually unfolding. By attuning ourselves to our deepest knowing we can find our path- our indeed unique, soul’s code.

Our dreams, day dreams, night dreams, our fantasies, hold information. Our bodies resonate with the energies which surround us and which arise from inside.

Through sensations and physical symptoms our bodies communicate and express that which we cannot consciously countenance.

Through our relationships we evolve.

Paying attention to and being curious about these subtleties allows us to access our knowing. Diving deeply into sensations, dreamlike experiences and synchronicities leads us to our true uniqueness.While a therapist, guru, or spiritual teacher may be able to hold SPACE for us to do this, they cannot do it FOR us.

So I invite you to join me on a diving expedition in THE SOUL’S CODE – DIVING DEEPLY



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