You are responsible

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Very often our actions are determined by our attitudes to what, or who, we perceive as authorities.
Some of us will respond by doing more or less what we are told. Either because we have a blind trust in the authority or because we are too timid to go against them.
On the other hand some of us have the kneejerk tendency to instantly rebel against what the ‘authority’ is telling us to do.
In both instances we are not free.
We are reactive. Responding from experience of authority figures in the past.
I think it is time to take full responsibility for ourselves as adults. It is time to gather the information we need in order to make well considered decisions in life.
Laziness is dangerous. It is difficult at times to think things through and to stand on our own two feet. It takes effort. It can take huge courage.
And it requires letting go of the desire to blame others for our ill-considered actions. Or lack of action.
But what can be more important than taking our lives into our own hands to the extent that we can?
We can co-create a more equitable world in which power and responsibility are shared instead of being in the hands of the few.

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