Ego gets a bad rap

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Today I’ve come across a few posts about the ego. I think the ego gets a bad rap. For me it is simply an interface between the self and the world. Patched together from innate tendencies and our response to … Continued

Who ‘sees’ us?

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I am struck by how often people are told as children that their dreams are nonsensical. Listening to Robert Wilson(Victor Meldrew) on Desert Island Discs this morning. He spoke of how, when he told his schoolteacher who asked what he … Continued

Doing vs. Being

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Many people reacted to my post on FB yesterday evening about getting an email from a former client.Thank you for such heartfelt responses. I have been thinking more about it. My conclusion yesterday was about doing vs. being. Some people … Continued

Being held

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How ruthless our inner critic can be. Vicious, even. When a woman finds herself overjoyed at receiving a compliment and her inner critic weighs in, finding her ridiculous in her excitement.When we have had so little love and affection as … Continued

Men and women – women and men

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In the interview that was recently aired in the Hay House summit, I mention how I think that men need to learn to stand up for themselves. This may surprise some people since men are often viewed as overbearing and … Continued

Beyond the divide

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Lately I have heard three different stories of men who have been physically and emotionally abused by a woman. They don’t speak about it often. And I have heard a man say that he expects his partner to be kind … Continued