The beauty within and without

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When I leave the house, walking, I try to make each trip like an exploration, to notice that which I may never have really seen before. Even though something in my mind is telling me I’ve seen it all before. … Continued

Struggles and the sacred

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It seems to me that many of our struggles originate in the attitude of many surveying that which is before us and thinking ‘what’s in this for me? How can I exploit this land, this person, this situation to my … Continued

Ego gets a bad rap

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Today I’ve come across a few posts about the ego. I think the ego gets a bad rap. For me it is simply an interface between the self and the world. Patched together from innate tendencies and our response to … Continued

Who ‘sees’ us?

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I am struck by how often people are told as children that their dreams are nonsensical. Listening to Robert Wilson(Victor Meldrew) on Desert Island Discs this morning. He spoke of how, when he told his schoolteacher who asked what he … Continued

There is only love

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I am considering this evening the people who go onto Greta Thunberg’s FB page and make disparaging comments about her. There’s something they almost always have in common. They’re men. And from what I can tell from their profiles, they’re … Continued

Doing vs. Being

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Many people reacted to my post on FB yesterday evening about getting an email from a former client.Thank you for such heartfelt responses. I have been thinking more about it. My conclusion yesterday was about doing vs. being. Some people … Continued